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For more than ten years ago Professor Alija Kulenovic´, who is born and living in Zenica and Professor of atomic physics, begun to paint on glass. He has developed to a great international Master in this kind of art and has successful made several exhibitions around Europe. He is represented in many galleries and collections, for instance the Vatican.

Alija Kulenovic´ has a younger brother,
Rizah Kulenovic´, who also is a most eminent painter and artist with glass-painting as speciality. ( Rizah is also superintendent and manager of Museum Lionardo da Vinci Ideale in Karlskrona). Today the painting-technique by these two brothers are almost similar and it is rather difficult to distinguish their works from each other. The mysterious of the cosmos is mostly the subject in the paintings by Alija and the wonderful ocean underwater world is the choice of Rizah´s

Professor Alija Kulenovic´ is a well-known leading personality in the field of culture and he also struggle for humanity and human rights and for this he has got an Award from the Vatican.

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